Your key Stripe & PayPal analytics on one Dashboard.

Save time and avoid human errors. Get real-time consolidated data from PayPal and Stripe to your mobile and desktop. This means fewer spreadsheets, better payment data, and actionable insights.

  • Stop switching between dashboards, exporting spreadsheets, and manually calculating metrics.
  • View real-time PayPal and Stripe analytics on desktop and mobile.
  • Access consolidated customer intel on the go and react to transactions faster.

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Stripe & PayPal Data Together

Instant Analytics Anywhere

View combined payment metrics in real-time on desktop and mobile. Respond faster to critical events without having to rush back to the office.

Customer Central

Identify your high-value Stripe and PayPal customers. Attract like-minded buyers and improve marketing messages with sophisticated segmentation tools.

Personalized Intelligence

Get the metrics that matter to your business type. Selling one-off purchases or accepting recurring charges, it does not matter. Customize the mobile and desktop dashboard to suit your business needs.

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Block Credit Cards

Block fraudulent cards and refund directly from your mobile device before charges become disputes.