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Select a period between dates to see how your key subscription metrics have performed over time.

1.Go to your dashboard:


2. Ensure your business type is set to ‘Subscription’

3. Click ‘Interval’

4. Select the period your want to review your historical metrics. Your key metrics are calculated and displayed with a time-series graph. Review these metrics:

  • MRR 
    • Monthly Recurring Revenue is income that can be reliably anticipated every 30 days.
    • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is income that a company
    • Any successful charges with an invoice object will be counted towards recurring revenue
    • MRR will change when:
      • customer.subscription.deleted -> remove subscription amount from mrr
      • customer.subscription.created -> add amount to mrr
      • customer.subscription.updated -> update mrr
    • MRR = subscription amount * n
      • where n is ( subscription length in seconds / the month’s length in seconds )
    • Another option is to use pre-set values:
      • semi-monthly: 0.5
      • weekly: 0.25
      • daily: 0.0333
  • Churn 
    • Total number of customers at start of period / Number of customers who churned in period. Expressed as a percentage.
    • An MVP Churned Customer is either Pro-active OR a Passive Churn:
      • Pro-active occurs when a customer initiates cancellation
      • Passive Churn occurs with 2 missed billing cycle payments (e.g. doesn’t update credit card)
  • New Customers – 
    • Total new customers for specified period

Subscription Metrics

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