How to Make a New Charge for my Stripe Account

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1) Click on the “Create New Payment” icon in the top right corner.


2) Enter new customer information manually or choose an existing customer in the “Select Existing” menu.


Pro Tip 1: If you’re entering a new customer’s information, click “Save as New” to add a new customer and keep information in the database so that you can create a charge faster next time.


Pro Tip 2: To use the Credit Card information scanner to record the information faster, click the “Shutter” icon beside the credit card number box. While this feature utilizes the camera, no picture is taken. Strictly used to collect information for a quick entry.



3)  Change the currency by clicking the Default Currency indicator on the top right of the screen.



4) Save the New Charge by clicking “Submit” near the bottom of the screen to create the charge.

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