Use Control Customer Intel to Isolate ‘At Risk’ Customers

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Filter ‘At-Risk’ Customers – customers who’s last payment failed and are at risk of churning or moving to a competitor’s site.

1.Click ‘Customers’:

Customer Icon

A list of your customers will be displayed.


You can further refine which customers you want displayed by selecting pre-set date ranges, example ‘This Year’, or by selecting a specific Custom date range.

View Period

2. Select the ‘At Risk’ checkbox. This will display list of customers who’s last payment failed. If you are a subscription based business, it could mean that their credit card on file has expired . It could indicate that a customer intended to purchase a product from you, but requires an alternative form of payment acceptance to complete the sale.

At Risk

3. Click ‘Export CSV’. This will export a list in .CSV format of all your customers that matched your specific ‘At Risk’ criteria for Customer Value. Import this curated list into your campaign management tool and message these customers with a page they can visit to update their credit card details, or contact your customer support to assist them with completing their purchase.

Export CSV

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