How to Create Coupons for Stripe Account on Mobile

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1)   Open the side menu by tapping the Menu button on the top left


2) Tap on Settings

Sidebar Settings

3) Tap on Coupons to enter the coupon dashboard where you can see existing coupons.


4)  Tap the “+” button on the top right of the screen to create a new coupon.


5)   Enter the details of the coupon you wish to offer.


Pro Tip: Change the default currency by tapping on Currency.


6)   Create a Coupon ID (Code) for your customers. (ex. summer 50% off deal)

7)   Decide if you want to offer a coupon in $ or %. Use the Duration and Max Redemptions feature to set a quantity limit for your coupon. Use Redeem Date to set an expiry date for your coupon.



8)   Tap Save on the bottom of the screen to create the Coupon. You can now see your active coupons in the Coupon Dashboard. Share the Coupon ID (Code) with those you would like to offer a discount.


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