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Control allows you to create custom filters so you can quickly reference important information you want to monitor or refer back to frequently. You can easily filter customer charges by country.

Within the Dashboard, Customer list and Charges list you can create custom filters and save them for frequent viewing. For example, you would like to be able to quickly review how your sales and customer growth are performing, specifically in Australia.

1.Click Dashboard



2. In the Country drop-down, select ‘AUS’


3. Your key metrics for all of your customers in Australia are calculated, and displayed with a time -series graph.

Save Filter

4. Click ‘Save Filter’ and enter a name to describe this segment of customers you want to monitor.


5. This filter will have your metrics ready to go for the next time you login and want to quickly review these customers’ metrics.


6. Next, you want to monitor how your credit card approvals are doing vs. the number of charges that are declined in Australia.


Click ‘Charges’:

Charges Icon

7. In the Country drop-down, select ‘AUS’ and in the Status drop-down, select ‘Approved’ and Declined’. A list of the number of Approved and Declined charges, and a value of these charges, will be displayed for all of your Australian customers’ payments .

Charges Dropdown

8. Click Save filter, and enter a filter name that represents this view that you would like to refer back to quickly in the future.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 23.49.28

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