Using Control Customer Intel to Filter by Customer Value

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View a list of all your customers and filter by a minimum customer lifetime value to identify customer value.

1.Click ‘Customers’:

Customer Icon

A list of your customers will be displayed. You can further refine which customers you want displayed by selecting pre-set date ranges, example ‘This Year’, or by selecting a specific Custom date range.

View Period

2. Enter a value in the Min. CV (minimum Customer Value) and then ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Control defines ‘Customer Value’ as the sum of all approved payments within a specific date range, on a per customer basis . Note, the minimum and maximum values are based on whatever your default currency is

For example, ‘All Time’ is selected and $100 entered as the Min. CV.

Control will display a list of all new customers, from January 1st of this year, who have each contributed $100 USD or more to your overall revenue.


3. Click ‘Export CSV’. This will export a list in .CSV format of all your customers that matched your specific criteria for Customer Value. Import this curated list into your campaign management tool. You can be more effective with your marketing by delivering specific messaging or offers to your high value customers, or creating targeted social advertising to attract like minded buyers.

Export CSV

4. You can also use the Maximum Customer Value filter to target users that are below revenue expectations, with customized messaging, to increase their purchases. This tool give you an effective way to test your marketing messaging and evaluate which tactics are producing the results you want.

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