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We are an official partner of Stripe and we think their mobile app and dashboard are great! But what we are doing at Control is a bit different.

Think about it this way, as you grow your business, you’ll need more data and capabilities. At Control, we prioritize your increasing needs:

  • You would want to know who your customers are, their lifetime value to your business, where they live, their preferred payment method, etc…
  • You want to be able to segment your customers based on their lifetime value or geography to help inform your marketing efforts, rewards program, and more.
  • You want to be able to export reports and share them with your team and shareholders.
  • You want to see your revenue and customer data from multiple payment sources consolidated in one dashboard, rather than spend time juggling between multiple tabs and data exports


Accepting Payments from One Payment Processor (Stripe)

If you are only using Stripe to accept your payments, Control is a terrific complimentary tool:

Mobile App

In our mobile app for iOS and Android users, we provide:

  • Advanced analytics for subscription and commerce businesses.
  • Configurable real-time alerts on sales, customers, upgrades, churn, customer card changes, transfers, fraud (Stripe Radar) and more
  • Differentiate between different payment methods via Stripe: Credit Card, ACH, Apple Pay, Android Pay, AliPay, etc.
  • Special alerts on suspected fraudulent payments
  • Ability to create charges from within the app and support for an EMV Chip & PIN reader
  • Ability to create subscription plans and coupons
  • Ability to create, manage customers and charge an existing customer.
  • Ability to see your customer’s entire lifetime value
  • Ability to manage your customers’ plans and billing methods
  • Ability to preauthorize, capture, release, and retry payments.

Control Mobile App

Stripe Mobile Dashboard


Web App

In our web app, we offer:

Analytics Dashboard

  • Customizable filters
  • Compare vs Interval view
  • Advanced analytics dashboard for SaaS and commerce
  • Exportable Dashboard as PDF
  • UI optimized for quick review
  • Advanced analytics dashboard for SaaS and commerce
  • Filter by Country and Currency
  • Custom metrics illustrating growth +/- %s for specified date ranges for:
    • Revenue, MRR
    • New Customers, AOV
    • ARPU, Churn %

Control Analytics Dashboard - Web AppControl Web App 

Stripe Dashboard AnalyticsStripe Dashboard

Customer Management

  • Customer Intel:
    • List and filter customers for specific date ranges sorted by: Country, Customer Since, Customer Value, Plan, Number of Approved Charges, Last Charge, Expiry Date of Credit Card
    • Save filters for quick access and export filtered customers to CS
    • Filter “At Risk” Customers — customers whose last payment was declined
    • View individual Customer’s Lifetime Value
    • Edit and view Customer’s Name, Phone #, Company name, Company URL and add Notes about customer
    • View Customer :
      • Customer email address
      • Customer Since
      • Plan
      • Stripe ID
      • Name
      • Phone number
      • Company
      • Website URL
    • View Customer Value
      • Lifetime value
      • Monthly revenue
      • Greatest charge
      • First charge
      • Last charge – with +/% growth from the First charge
    • Add notes to Customer
    • Edit customer details

    Control_Customer PageControl Customer Management Page 

    Stripe Dashboard Customer PageStripe Dashboard Customer Page


    • Advanced filtering for Charges:
      • Country, Currency
      • Status, Min Order and/or Max Order
      • Save Filters for quick access
      • Export filtered customers to CSV
    • Credit Card details:
      • Credit card number (last 4 digits) with card brand icon
      • Expiry date
      • Country

    Control Charges Page Control Charges Page

    Stripe Charges PageStripe Charges Page

    Accepting Payments from Multiple Payment Processors

    Let’s be honest, Stripe is never going to show you data from your PayPal, Square, iTunes Connect, or Google Play Console accounts. This makes Control indispensable for any business using more than one processor to accept payments.

    The Old Way

    Before Control, the only way to see the full performance of your business is to manually go into the dashboard of each payment platform, extract the numbers (revenue, customers, etc.), enter it into a spreadsheet, and calculate it.

    We call this old way of acquiring data the 5 C’s of Transaction Analytics:

    • Collecting data across multiple sources.
    • Cleaning the data of inaccurate or incomplete records and tables.
    • Combining the data onto one source, table or dashboard.
    • Calculating or generating formulas to get the numbers.
    • Cosmetizing so that the data is presentable to your investors.

    It’s long and tedious and it ends up costing your business a lot of resources.

    The Control Way

    What makes our product so unique to other dashboards on the market, including Stripe’s free app, is that we have developed the technology to take raw data from multiple payment sources, translate their complex code, and harmonize them together in an aggregate dashboard.

    Stripe, PayPal, and Square all have different languages, but we are able to translate it and combine it, so our users can see metrics that relate to their full business, in real time.

    Control is engineered and designed to set you up for growth. The more you grow, the more valuable we become. If you discover features that neither Stripe Dashboard nor Control currently have, let us know, it is probably already on our roadmap. Building the app that assists you to grow your business is our goal.

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