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What are Facebook Audiences

Facebook is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool to acquire new customers. If you already have a list of established customers, you can use the details from those customers to create a Facebook Lookalike Audience. A lookalike audience gives you a better idea of your target audience’s demographic, geography, interest, and behavior. This will offer customer intelligence and help guide sales and marketing initiatives.

Why Use Them?

Ads are expensive and without a proper strategy, you may end up targeting and getting clicks from visitors with no interest in converting.

With a specific goal in mind, such as conversion, you’d want to hit a specific group — as opposed to a broad target, which would be more aligned with increasing brand awareness. It’ll be hard to do this effectively if you don’t have a lookalike audience.

Let’s take Facebook ads, for example. There are more than 1-billion active users on Facebook. These are people from all across the globe with different lifestyles. To assume all 1-billion people as your potential customer is a bit delusional. Maybe one day you can be like Facebook and have 1-billion customers, but for now, you need to target your niche.

Applying a lookalike audience strategy to only get clicks from those who have similarities to your core customers.

How to get a lookalike audience:

With Control, you can use the customer information that is collect through payments to create a lookalike audience.

1) Click Customers in the menu

2) Ensure the date parameter is set to ‘All Time’. Enter a minimum value for Customer Value. We define Customer Value as the total number of approved charges per individual customer. For example, let’s say you want to isolate all customer whose lifetime value to date is equal to or greater than $100. Entering that value would list all your customers that meet that criteria.


3) Export this segmented to CSV


4)This will product a list with a number of columns, the only one you need is Email, so go ahead and delete all the other columns bar that one. Be sure to save in format = CSV.


5) Upload the CSV email list to Facebook to start building highly customized  lookalike audiences and start acquiring customers most likely to become high value.


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