Compare Subscription / SaaS Metrics over Different Time Periods

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Select a period between dates to see how your key subscription metrics have performed vs. a similar time period.

1.Go to your dashboard:


2. Ensure your business type is set to ‘Subscription’

3. Click ‘Compare’

4. Select the period your want to compare your historical metrics. Your key metrics are calculated and displayed with a time-series graph. Review these metrics:

  • MRR 
    • Monthly Recurring Revenue is income that can be reliably anticipated every 30 days.
    • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is income that a company
    • Any successful charges with an invoice object will be counted towards recurring revenue
    • MRR will change when:
      • customer.subscription.deleted -> remove subscription amount from mrr
      • customer.subscription.created -> add amount to mrr
      • customer.subscription.updated -> update mrr
    • MRR = subscription amount * n
      • where n is ( subscription length in seconds / the month’s length in seconds )
    • Another option is to use pre-set values:
      • semi-monthly: 0.5
      • weekly: 0.25
      • daily: 0.0333
  • Churn 
    • Total number of customers at start of period / Number of customers who churned in period. Expressed as a percentage.
    • An MVP Churned Customer is either Pro-active OR a Passive Churn:
      • Pro-active occurs when a customer initiates cancellation
      • Passive Churn occurs with 2 missed billing cycle payments (e.g. doesn’t update credit card)
  • New Customers 
    • Total new customers for specified period

5. For example, if you choose the period of July 1st to 10th, the feature will display your Monthly Recurring Revenue, churn calculations, and number of new customers, for the same period one month previously – June 1st to June 14th.

Subscription Metrics

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