Compare eCommerce Metrics over Different Time Periods

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Select a period between dates to see how your key eCommerce metrics have performed compared to a similar time period.

1.Go to your dashboard:

2. Ensure your business type is set to ‘eCommerce’

3. Click ‘Compare’

4. Select the period your want to compare your historical metrics. Your key metrics are calculated and displayed with a time -series graph:

  • Revenue – Sum of sale, based on different time frames (i.e. today, last week, this month etc.)
  • AOV – Average Order Value measures the average total of every order placed with a merchant over a defined period of time
  • New Customers – Total new customers for specified period

5. For example, if you choose the period of July 1st to 10th, the Compare feature will calculate and display your Revenue, AOV calculations, and number of new customers , for the same period one month previously- June 1st to June 14th.

Compare eCommerce Metrics

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