Control + Miura M010 Software Support for Stripe.

Only $29/month

Works with Stripe, the Control app, and Miura M010 hardware. Requires monthly subscription to Control and the Miura M010 hardware.

European residents can purchase the M010 terminal via Westcoast Payments, US residents can purchase the M010 terminal via Payworks (select “No Key Required” under “Payworks Debit Keys”).

  • Simplify your mobile payments on the go.
  • Available to customers in the US, UK, Ireland, Finland, and France.
  • Requires Monthly Subscription to Control and the Miura M010 hardware
  • European residents can purchase the Miura M010 via Westcoast Payments, US residents can purchase the Miura M010 via Payworks (select “No Key Required” under “Payworks Debit Keys”)

Available for sale to customers in the US, UK, Ireland, Finland, and France.
Each Card Reader subscription includes up to 200 data points per month.
By purchasing a Control Card Reader you agree to our Terms of Use.

control credit card reader - iphone and android

Mobile Payments, Simplified

tap, insert, or swipe - mobile credit card reader

Accept Mobile Payments

The first mobile app with support for Stripe + the Miura M010 NFC/EMV reader.

Sales Analytics

Access all your Stripe sales metrics from the Control web & mobile dashboard. Eliminate the need to consolidate reports from disparate sources.

Compatible with iOS and Android

The Miura M010 connects to any iOS and Android device using Bluetooth.


The Miura M010 features ensure that your payments are secure and PCI compliant, to protect your business from fraud.

Send Customer Receipts

Send receipts directly to your customers on new and historical transactions.

Before I subscribe, just a few questions I want to ask …


What happens if I go over my data point limits for each month?

The Card Reader subscription includes a maximum set of 200 data points per month. Data points are the real-time API calls to Control’s Business Intelligence platform that intercepts, normalizes, and calculates payment and customer data from your connected payment platforms. The data is then converted into key metrics, and distributed as business intelligence in real time via Control’s mobile and web apps. Learn how  Control calculates Data Points.

If you exceed your maximum data points per month, a $10 charge per additional 100 data points will be added to your monthly invoice. As your business grows, upgrading to a higher plan will increase your monthly threshold for data points.

What Do I Do after the Muira M010 Device Arrives ?

We will need you to provide us with the Serial Number on the back of your device so we can connect it to your Control and Stripe accounts. You will need to have an active $29/month subscription with Control for us to activate the device.

Where Do I Download the Control App to Accept Mobile Point of Sale Payments

If you use an iPhone or iPad , you can download Control for Stripe on the Apple App Store.  If you use any type of Android device, such as Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus, you can download Control for Stripe on Google Play . Once you have installed the Control app, connected your Stripe account via 1-click integration. You will then have access to Control Point of Sale payment acceptance feature. Once your Card Reader arrives, you simply pair it with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with Bluetooth. It is easy, quick, and requires limited technical know how.
Control POS

Why do I need a Miura M010 instead of a Swiper?

In order to stay compliant with the EMV Standards, merchants have to upgrade to EMV-compliant POS terminals or EMV card readers. If one continues to take payments via phone call, mobile devices, or any non PCI compliant terminals, the merchant will be 100% liable for any security breach, frauds, or attacks.

Read more about EMV compliance here.

Can I use the Miura M010 abroad?

Yes you may, as long as your Stripe account is registered in one of the following countries:

  • UK
  • US
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Finland
What card types does the Miura M010 accept?

The Card Reader accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (in US only), as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

What needs to be done before I receive the Miura M010 ?
  • Download the latest iOS or Android app on your mobile device
  • Open the app, sign in with your Control credentials
  • Tap “Connect Your Stripe Account”, then tap “Sign in with Stripe to Connect”, enter your Stripe account credentials

You should be able to see the dashboard with payment data right away. If you tap on the menu sign on the top left, the side menu will slide open. You should be able to see Customers, Charges, Transfers etc. Feel free to explore the features and get familiar with them.

Can I use one Miura M010 to accept payments for multiple Stripe accounts?

The Card Reader does not allow users to take payments for different Stripe accounts, as the encryption ensures the security of payments through one account only. If you have multiple Stripe accounts that require Card Readers to present for taking payments, you need to order one for each Stripe account.

Can I Accept Subscription Payments with Control & Miura M010 ?

The card reader can only support one-off payments. No customer object will be created when a successful charge is made via the card reader, therefore it is impossible for users to take recurring payments from the same credit card. If you wish to accept subscription payments from your customers, you may use our Customer Intel tools to do so. Please visit for more information.

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