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SaaS Conferences

This year, there are SaaS conferences taking place across the globe, featuring speakers from a broad range of expertise. Whether you are looking to upgrade your technical infrastructure or hear about a new marketing tactic, you will find the information you seek at one of these following conferences:  

GrowthHackers 2018 (February 6, San Diego, USA)

Growthhacker - Sean Ellis

Photo source: GrowthHacker Blog

Looking at your analytics, you might see that your business growth (revenue, customers, sales, etc.) have plateaued. If that’s the case, something needs to change. GrowthHackers is a great conference to help you consider what is the best next step for your company: building a bigger team, changing up the product, increasing engagement with the customers? The decision is up to you, but the conference is here to spark your imagination and open your mind to all the possibilities.

This is a conference for any SaaS business leader with a question to ask. If you come ready with even one question, there will certainly be many intelligent people there to help you puzzle it through together.

SaaStr Annual 2018 (February 6-8, San Francisco, USA)

Saastr Annual

Photo source: SaaStr Facebook

SaaStr Annual brings together the SaaS B2B community, which includes 10,000+ founders, venture capitalists, and executives, over the course of a three-day conference to hear keynotes and discussions from over 250+ speakers. A few notable speakers are Michael Pryor, CEO & Head of Product at Trello & Atlassian; Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Founder of Hubspot; Christina Cordova, Business Development & Partnership at Stripe; Des Traynor, Co-founder of Intercom; and many more.

Be ready to network at this event, because there will be countless opportunities to meet some insightful connections.

Bonus conference: SaaStr Europa 2018 (June 15 Paris, France)

Revenue Summit 2018 (March 1, San Francisco, USA)

Revenue Summit

Photo source

Okay, what is the most important metric? Answer: Revenue. If that is the case then Revenue Summit should be on your list of conferences to consider this year, because at this event, it is all about moving the needle. Focusing on sales and marketing, Revenue Summit is a one-day event that features presenters that will help your SaaS company use the best practices to make money. 

This event is best suited for those in your sales and marketing team, or for entrepreneurs looking for insights to increase growth.


Customer Success Summit 2018 (March 5-6, San Francisco, USA)

Customer Success Summit

Photo source: Totango

If this is the year you want to double down on your retention strategy and really engage with the audience you’ve built, Customer Success Summit is the conference to attend in 2018. It’s not hard to get caught thinking about customer success as customer support, but it’s not — support is reactive, success is proactive. How do you become more proactive with your strategy and practice? Find out from some of the industry leading thought leaders in the field, including Dante Otero, Partner & Customer Experience at Google Cloud; Krista Glantschnig, VP and Global Head Digital Customer Engagement at SAP; Christina Kosmowski, Head of Customer Success at Slack; and more.

This is the conference to attend if you are seeking insights on building your CS team or if you are a customer success practitioner.


Dx3 2018 (March 7-8, Toronto, Canada)


Photo source: Indigo Events

If you are struggling to get your SaaS product discovered, then you should consider taking a trip to Toronto this spring for the Dx3 Conference. Geared toward marketers, Dx3 is all about helping businesses cut through the noise and get their messages heard. With over 60 speakers last year and over a 100 exhibitors, you will surely get some insight in 3 different areas: Demand (how to create demand for your product), Action (how to use the newest technology to guide potential customers down the funnel), and Data (how to use insights to inform your next decision).

Dx3 is a good event for reinvigorating the mind. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when marketing a SaaS product. This conference helps lift your head and shows you tools and tactics and how it can get you to the light at the end of the tunnel faster.


SxSW Startup & Tech Sector 2018 (March 9-18, Austin, USA)


Photo source: SXSW

SxSW is a massive technology conference with an enormous range of speakers, exhibits, and industries that includes SaaS, as well as sports, entertainment, health, social, and more. It’s like the Coachella music festival — you come to see one band and end up discovering 50 other ones along the way. This is a conference where sensory overload is to be expected, as you might bump shoulders with movie stars and musicians. It’s a good idea to have a plan going into SxSW lest you get distracted, or this can simply be a conference where you go to get inspired by many top dogs in their specific field, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban, Ezra Klein, Alex Rodriguez, Peter Thiel, and Ryan Holiday, who are all slated to speak at this year’s event.  


MozCon 2018 (July 9-11, Seattle, USA)

Moz Con

Photo source: MozCon

Like the Whiteboard Fridays produced by Moz, MozCon is geared towards helping marketing practitioners execute and succeed in SEO, branding, CRO, analytics, customer experience, content marketing, and social media engagement. Bring your notebook to this event, because there is going to be a lot of actionable content that you won’t want to forget once you get back to the office.

You can read blog posts and watch YouTube videos to learn how to execute the latest marketing tactics, but MozCon is a event where you’ll find out if those tactics online are outdated.


Unbounce Call to Action Conference 2018 (Aug 27-29, Vancouver, Canada)

Call to Action

Photo source: Unbounce

Marketing is constantly changing. Because of this, we need a conference like Unbounce Call to Action to help point us in the right direction and teach us new marketing methods that won’t be ignored by our audience. This conference is full of actionable insights that makes you want to rush out of the auditorium, back to your desk, and try it. Curious? Check out some of the past speakers at the CTA conference, including Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz at Moz; Michael Aagaard, Senior Conversion Optimiser at Unbounce; and Scott Stratten, Author & President of UnMarketing.

Unbounce Call to Action Conference is ideal for anyone looking to get a burst of inspiration and searching for a new way of communicating their SaaS product to their market.  


Inbound 2018 (September 4-7, Boston, USA)

Inbound Conference

Photo source

Looking to take your business to the next level? Whether you are expanding into a new market, testing a new marketing project, or searching for some fresh new ideas, then Inbound conference is a perfect event for you. The great thing about Inbound is that they invite a broad spectrum of sales, marketers, and business professionals from different industries to share their wisdom. CEOs, politicians, researchers, and even actors share the stage to inspire.

If a year is a day, then let Inbound 2018 be the afternoon espresso shot to amp you up as you kick it up for Q4 and into 2019.


SaaStock 2018 (October 15-17, Dublin, Ireland)


Photo source: SaaStock

In an industry as young as SaaS, it is important to listen to the stories of those that have gone from startups to established brands. SaaStock is the conference where these stories are told. The founders stories, the tough decisions, the unexpected pivot, the critical mass moment: a growing business is made up of many separate stories thread together. As entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in the doing, but this is a conference where we can sit back, listen, and relate.

SaaStock is a great event to get a sense of the SaaS community, share in ideas and experiences, and find new opportunities within the industry.

Bonus: LTV Conference (May 10-11, London, England)

LTV Conference is a more intimate gathering of SaaS industry leaders. This conference is a great place for those who want to take their business to the next level and the next step, whatever that may be for your business. Join conversations such as “When should you sell your business,” or “how to increase conversions with personalized marketing?”

If you are interested in LTV Conf, we have a special coupon for our readers. Get 20% off your ticket by using the code: GETCONTROL


Bonus: SaaS Monster (November 5-8, Lisbon, Portugal)

SaaS Monster is a part of Web Summit, which includes 23 other conferences from tech industries such as health, auto, and many more. But you are here for SaaS, and in previous years, SaaS Monster has hosted headline speakers: Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle; Stewart Butterfield, Co-founder and CEO of Slack; and Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox. This is a perfect conference to come and turn your spark of inspiration into a burning flame.

It’s impossible for you to attend every SaaS conference this year, but we encourage you to go to at least one. A year is long and it’s easy to get bogged down by all the tasks and meetings — while a conference is not a vacation, it is a break to help you gain a bit more perspective and see what the rest of the industry is up to.


Had a great experience at a SaaS conference? We’d love to hear about it.

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