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Control App Update

We’re excited to announce the latest Control update! We’ve added support for Stripe Radar to give you more visibility on charges that are blocked or flagged for review by Stripe’s fraud prevention solution:

  • Customize alerts for charges flagged or blocked by Radar
  • Identify flagged or blocked charges in Charge List
  • View Stripe Radar evidence in Charge Details

Control’s fraud detection feature is still in place, catching any suspicious events that Radar missed


What is Stripe Radar?

One of the greatest complications to selling online is fraud. While it has become easier to start a business — according to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2014 Global Fraud Study — small companies with fewer than 100 employees are more vulnerable to fraud. On top of that, online merchants are liable for fraudulent purchases (contrary to businesses taking payments in person).

In October 2016, Stripe launched Radar, a built-in fraud prevention solution. With this new service, Stripe is able to use machine learning to identify paying patterns of credit cards. With customers such as Best Buy, Target, and Squarespace, it is estimated that Stripe has seen 4 out of 5 credit cards through transactions worldwide, with each card being seen an average of 6 times.  

With all the intelligence Stripe gathers, it can evaluate all transactions passing through the payment processor and detects suspicious patterns. Merchants using Stripe Radar can set custom rules to preemptively flag for review or block charges based on specific conditions.

What Does Control Do With Radar?

As you know, Control already offered merchants fraud prevention notifications:

  • Charges with mismatching shipping and billing information
  • Charges made from high-risk countries
  • Approved charges that greatly exceed your average order value

By supporting Stripe Radar, Control gives users even more visibility and control over fraudulent patterns for their business. Charges that have been blocked or flagged for review by Radar will now be clearly identified in Control, empowering our users to evaluate each transaction and determine the risk involved if processed.

Setting Up Radar for Control

To receive Radar notifications on Control, you must enable them in the Control Settings > Notifications:

Control - Notification - Stripe Radar

To learn more about the rules that Radar uses to block or flag suspicious charges, see here.

What do you think about this new feature? We’d love to hear from you.