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With each passing year, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continues to grow, as more and more entrepreneurs embrace cloud-based technology. Consumers are warming to the idea of cloud-based technology as well: the commercial revenue of Microsoft’s subscription-based Office 365 software grew 51% last year. With the growth of SaaS, we have also witnessed a growth in the number of conferences related to SaaS.

The cloud has arrived in 2017 — and it’s raining SaaS Conferences.

SaaS Conferences in 2017

There are dozens of conferences in 2017 that could be relevant to a small- or mid-sized SaaS company. That’s why here at Control we’ve created a list of only the most relevant SaaS conferences, and provided reasons for the inclusion of each item.

After all, bringing you the information your business needs to succeed is what Control is all about.

SaaStr Annual - SaaS Conference

SaaStr Annual 2017 (February 7 – 9, San Francisco, USA)

At the time this is being written, SaaStr 2017 has already ended. Though the SaaStr conference is such a big event in the software-as-a-service scene that it deserves its place on this list.

Over 10,000 attendees come together each year, for what SaaStr describes as “the world’s largest community of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs.”

Picture of speaker at SaaStr 2017

A quick snap taken by the Control team at this year’s SaaStr conference.

The Control team attended this year’s SaaStr, and can confirm that it’s full of valuable insights. If you’re disappointed that you missed out, don’t feel too bad. There are lots of other SaaS conferences worth attending, as you’re about to find out!

Customer Success Summit - SaaS Conference

Customer Success Summit 2017 (February 27 – 28, San Francisco, USA)

Let’s face it, without customers your SaaS business would be nothing more than a hobby. It makes sense that we should value the people who make this all possible. Enter Customer Success Summit, a conference that focuses specifically on keeping your customers happy.

This year’s keynote speakers include names such as Somit Goyal (Global Head of Customer Success at Microsoft) and Ed Zander (former CEO of Motorola). If your SaaS team attends this conference, you will be sure to learn from some of the best.

The 2-day Customer Success Summit, organized by Totango, is now in its fifth year.

Revenue Summit 2017 - SaaS Conference - SaaS Conference

Revenue Summit 2017 (March 7 – 8, San Francisco, USA)

Again with San Francisco?! Don’t worry rest of the world, there are other cities on this list. But when it comes to SaaS conferences in 2017, the first few months of the year belong to the Bay Area.

The Revenue Summit is a 2-day conference that brings together some of the biggest names in Sales and Marketing. Many SaaS companies are difficult to explain to the general public, adding a level of complexity to the task of selling or marketing your service. Learn how to break through this challenge at the Revenue Summit conference.

Revenue Summit 2017 will be highlighted by a number of notable speakers, including a presentation by Gary Briggs, CMO at Facebook.

DX3 - SaaS Conference

Dx3 2017 (March 8 – 9, Toronto, Canada)

There are some great SaaS conferences for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Canada as well. This year’s pick from the north is Toronto’s Dx3 2017, a conference that focuses on digital marketing.

Dx3 is a place to network and discuss “the future of Data, Creativity, Innovation, and Commerce”. The conference will include keynote speakers such as Eric Edge (Head of Global Marketing at Pinterest) and Warren Tomlin (Global Chief Innovation Officer at IBM).

If your SaaS business is looking toward the future, Dx3 might be just the conference you need.

SXSW - SaaS Conference

SXSW 2017 (March 10 – 19, Austin, USA)

South by Southwest (SXSW) is a massive ten-day gathering for film, music, and all things innovation. It goes without saying that there will be a lot at SXSW that is unrelated to SaaS. However, if you have the time to make the trip, you will not regret it.

SXSW panel image 2016

SXSW began back in 1987, making it far and away the most senior festival on the list. Many tech companies have launched their brands at SXSW, including Twitter back in 2007. A lot has changed in the tech world in the last ten years. One thing that has not changed is SXSW remains an enormous event for entrepreneurs and startup companies.

I know what you’re thinking: this is all great, but where’s the SaaS?! SXSW has a “panel picker” feature that helps you determine which events are most relevant to you. As you can see, there are a number of SaaS events at SXSW 2017.

Moz 2017 - SaaS Conference

MozCon 2017 (July 17 – 19, Seattle, USA)

MozCon is the only conference on the list that is happening in the middle of the summer. It’s also taking place in Seattle; a city that’s raining any time that it isn’t summer. Okay, that’s a cheap shot, but Control is from Vancouver — so we are plagued by the same weather.

As anyone familiar with the world of SEO will know, MozCon is a conference about search engine optimization. Moz is probably the most recognizable name is the world of SEO, and their blog is full of useful, action-oriented advice. Expect MozCon 2017 to offer the caliber of action-oriented advice.

Every SaaS business — in fact, every online business — needs to know how to master SEO in 2017. There are simply too many competitors keeping up with every change in Google’s algorithm. If you are not paying attention to this critical part of online marketing, your SaaS business will be left in the dust. Stay at the head of the pack by attending an SEO conference like MozCon in 2017.

SaaStock - SaaS Conference

SaaStock 2017 (September 18 – 20, Dublin, Ireland)

If your company is like most SaaS businesses, you have an international audience — so why not attend an international conference? SaaStock is the most important SaaS conference of the year coming from Europe, and it will attract attendees from a wide range of countries.

If you have a look at SaaStock’s website, you’ll see promises to “Turn your SaaS up to 11!” In fact, the whole website appears more like it is marketing a music festival than a networking event. It’s actually refreshing to see a conference that is presented so different from the others.

Is SaaStock truly an outlier where it matters most: offer value to attendees? That remains to be seen. But something tells me those who make the trip to Ireland for this SaaS conference will not regret it.

Business of Software Conference

Business of Software Conference 2017 (September 18 – 20, Boston, USA)

Business of Software is a single-stream conference where numbers are deliberately capped to keep its friendly atmosphere and make sure that networking – as well as the talks – is of the highest quality.

Content is carefully curated, and Joel Spolsky described it as “a conference where every speaker would be a keynote at other events”. It takes place in Boston, MA, and brings together like-minded people who are working through challenges of building and selling software.

Inbound 2017 - SaaS Conference

Inbound 2017 (September 25 – 28, Boston, USA)

Inbound 2017 is a big one: last year’s conference attracted over 19,000 attendees to 300+ educational sessions.

As Inbound is not until late September, there is not as much information available for this event as some of the others. But past keynote speakers have included names such as Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Nate Silver, and Scott Harrison.

Inbound’s conference is a strong reminder that the tech scene in the United States is thriving far outside of the West Coast.

Inbound 2017 - logo written in shrubs

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Do you know of SaaS conferences in 2017 that we excluded from our list? Join the conversation in the comments below, and leave your best suggestion.

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