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April was a busy month for us. We continued to focus on improving our Square integration to make Control the best dashboard for Square merchants. Here is a rundown of what we shipped last month.

1. Support for Items, Categories, and Variations

Make more informed product decisions by seeing at a glance the popularity of categories and items across all your Square accounts. Understand how the time of the day, location and seasonality correlate with sales of specific products. Use our new “Compare” menu to select from a range of options including Items, Categories, Variations.

2. Assess how discounts and refunds affect your revenue

Ensuring that you always look at the most accurate data is paramount for us. This is why we’ve added a Net Sales report and updated our Gross Sales report to be more consistent with the data you see in Square. Net Sales is based on your Gross Sales minus discounts and refunds.

3. Easily calculate the royalties fees from your franchisees

Tired of manually calculating the royalty fees owed by your franchisees? Our new Earnings report is the best tool for you. Just enter your percentage and we will automatically the royalties fees from all the Square account connected to your account. It’s that simple.

4. Better insights into your product performance with Sales Averages

Looking at historical performance is one of the first steps to prepare accurate sales projections. With our new Sales Averages report, we make it easy for you to assess the historical sales of your items and categories and anticipate future demand.

5. Improved support for Locations

Until now, if you connected a Square account containing multiple locations, it wasn’t possible to see the performance of each location separately. Using the “Locations” option from our “Compare” menu, you can easily separate the locations from one account, both on the time-series chart and data table.

6. New filters for Account and Locations

If you connect a Square account with multiple locations, you will now be able to see sales data for all locations both aggregated and separated.