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Control Head of Design Interview

With the exciting news of our Square integration, Control’s web and mobile apps have undergone some design changes. I sat down with Dustin Borek, Head of Design, to ask about the process of redesigning the app, and to get a look at what Control users can expect in the near future.

Dustin Borek - Head of Design

Tell us about the mobile redesign. What were the goals? Why did we do it?

The biggest design challenge we had to solve with this redesign was the ability to handle platforms that offer varying amounts of data. Our first two integrations, Stripe and PayPal, are pretty much on par, with both providing all of the key KPIs such as Revenue, MRR, Churn, ARPU, etc. With the addition of Square, and some other new integrations coming down the pipe, we knew that some platforms would give us access to slightly smaller data sets. We had to ensure that our users knew which platforms were feeding into each metric. So if you’re looking at revenue, for example, you need to know that Square, Stripe, and PayPal are all contributing to that value. Whereas Churn is only coming from Stripe and PayPal.

What other functionality was added with the redesign?

We also wanted to improve the data visualization and overall app experience. We now have time-series graphs for all of our metrics on mobile. We also brought the new vs repeat breakdown to mobile to help out our eCommerce users. And for those who are multi-platform, we’ve made it easier to view each independently, with the ability to toggle them on and off now accessible on each metric page.

Control - Mobile Analytics

What does good design mean to you?

It means being able to accomplish your goals quickly and easily. Ultimately, you’re not playing with the app just for fun (not saying our cha-ching alert isn’t fun :P), but generally, you have a task that you’re trying to accomplish, and if we can make that easily achievable, then we’ve done our job.

Any preview of what Control users can expect in the future?

You can expect some cool new integrations that will help users get a more complete picture of their business. There is also a major web app redesign coming that will not only improve performance and scalability but overall UX.

Our users can expect a steady stream of small improvements every couple weeks. But I can’t talk about the future of Control without also bringing up our users. Your direct feedback guides our roadmap. We’re always grateful to hear about your insights, how you use our app, and what tasks you are trying to accomplish when using them.

What tasks do you want to accomplish when using Control?

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