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Web App 4.0 Update

Our mission at Control is to provide valuable analytics with unparalleled precision. With this recent update, we take another stride forward on this mission.

We know that data is one of the most important parts of every executive’s business. With this new release, we have improved data accuracy, and added the first of many valuable new time series charts to our Web App.

The new page focuses on the Lifetime Value (LTV) metric. With our latest integration, you can focus on individual customers like never before.

  •     See how any customer’s revenue compares to previous months, or even previous years.
  •      Use these insights to assess the long-term health of your customer relationships.
  •      Recognize customer trends and predict future profit.

The new LTV time series chart can be found in the side menu via Charts.

Control Lifetime Value page from dashboard gif

We believe in the value of our customers, and we know you do too. Learn more about customer lifetime value in our recent blog post, where we examine a retention strategy used by one of the biggest brands of the century: Netflix.