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Wet Shave Club

Wet Shave Club is bringing back the manly ritual of wet shaving. The subscription service delivers an awesome variety of shaving soap and double-edge razor blades right to your door.

Kevin Pereira is just 25 years old and he already founded and sold a company,, an on-demand house cleaning service. Now he’s running another successful business, Wet Shave Club.

After Pereira sold, he was contacted by his good friend, mentor, and fellow entrepreneur, Rohan Gilkes, who was purchasing a subscription business for $4,000.

Pereira got on board immediately, barely knowing what wet shaving was or how a safety razor worked. But the risk was minimal and he didn’t have any other projects at the time.

It all started from his own house; he was shipping from his living room while running Facebook ads at night. In just under two months, their business grew from 50 subscribers to 500.

After about 4 months, Pereira packed everything into his car and drove from California to Florida, where his business partner was, so that they could work together. That was the first time they met in person.

After 15 months, Wet Shave Club has a total of 500K in revenue and sources their products from small mom-and-pop companies all over the US.

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Look Great and Connect With Your Community

There was a huge online community of Wet Shavers, people who like the fun barbershop-style shave at home. Pereira pointed out the real cornerstone of their success was a social media marketing strategy, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

“If you can have your customers rave about you, post images of them, and your products,” says Pereira, “it’s one of the best ROI out there.”

What does it take to start a web-based business? Pereira offers some advice:

Start with a solid foundation, your website. Great design is a must, with excellent branding. Without a great looking and feeling site, no amount of traffic will really help you. You really need to focus on a site where people feel emotion, and are compelled to order.”

Control: Seeing Everything at a Glance

Wet Shave Club chose Control to monitor new sales and receive notifications, because it’s so easy to use. Pereira checks Control’s app on his phone 6-8 times a day. He uses it to keep an eye on daily performance.

“Control is just an excellent way for me to be notified of sales on my phone. If we have a surge of sales, I know we need to keep an eye on chat and customer support for questions so we can maximize on the surge of sales.”

Pereira adds, “We had a large post last year on a very popular blog, and I knew it was posted because of sale notifications from Control. This let me make sure I was on online chat support, which helped close a lot of business.”

Pereira is always on the go, and having access to important company information, like new customers and daily subscriber revenue, is very important for him.

“I just love easily seeing everything at a glance. The new sales notification in Control is wonderful. Waking up and looking at new sales every morning is just fantastic.

Since he has multiple Stripe accounts, thanks to Control he can see everything without logging in and out of Stripe on his computer.

Pereira and his team are also using Control on their new apps, and, two unique sales conversion tools.

“With a new project, it’s such a wonderful feeling seeing new signups and sales, and Control lets me be notified of them right away. As an entrepreneur, being notified of a new project’s success right on my phone is such a wonderful thing.”

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