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Control’s adaptability has introduced us to some fascinating companies that are performing, designing, and creating exciting things in tech, commerce, and arts. In this monthly series, we’ll take a look at those organizations that we proudly dub Controllers. We’ll listen to their stories, discover the problems they are solving, and understand how our business management system is helping them succeed.

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A small agency that helps local businesses find success

Tinypint opened in 2008 as a small agile agency focused on helping small to medium size businesses, non-profits, and larger agencies accomplish their goals.

Originally started in the Port Huron area, Tinypint served local customers for all of their web needs and relocated in 2012 to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We are proud to create amazing web experiences for our clients,” says Joshua Yuhas, Social Media Specialist at Tinypint, “that help their business find success.”


Tinypint believes that being located in Grand Rapids is a privilege. It’s a thriving tech community with a real midwestern kindness. Agencies and organizations actively collaborate professionally and personally to create a business community that embodies the “a rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy. Surrounded by a growing arts and culture center, Tinypint works with amazing people in the community that are very like-minded.

Living in a small community also has the benefit of building strong relationships and guiding their business pipeline thought them.

We are very lucky to have the help of great community connectors,” Yuhas adds, “and that our past work acts as conversation starters with prospective leads.

As a result, Tinypint attracts a lot of their clientele via word of mouth, investing very little into marketing.

The startup scene is very important to Tinypint, they are heavily involved in GRMakers, a local makerspace in Grand Rapids that support entrepreneurs from napkin idea to physical product.

We have been honored to take part in a number of these projects and to create an environment where makers, artists, tinkers, and entrepreneurs can grow with fewer barriers to success.”

Tinypint Office in Grand Rapids

Tinypint Grand Rapid, MI Office (Photo source:

About creativity and marketing

Talking about the creativity process, Yuhas says that “research is the key.”

First, they try to thoroughly understand their client by communicating effectively, observing their actual business, and understanding their previous branding and web presence. Then, they concentrate on understanding the industry they are in, how their competitors represent themselves, and their design goals. In the end, they focus on building their web solution to not only fit their brand, but to create a great user experience for their visitors that will support them for years to come.

From a business standpoint, they measure success in a number of ways. They can look at the logical approach and see how analytics services rank them. This approach is a great way to see what impact they are making on the greater digital world, but it doesn’t stop there. They also listen closely to the community and how often their agency is mentioned. This can be done with social media, but also at the many events they attend.

It’s a simple equation: do good work and you will be recognized as doing good work.”

Tinypint have gone from being “that new agency” to “the agency that helped ….” or “the agency that supports …” and so on.

White board at Tinypint

What they love about Control: having what they need when they need it

The ability to have alerts to any issues when they are happening is a big plus for our agency,” Yuhas says about Control.

Having the customer’s records always on hand for immediate reference simplifies the complex nature of auditing individual accounts. Additionally, being able to accept credit cards through the app is a HUGE bonus.

Prior to switching to Stripe for all of their credit card processing, they used both Paypal and Square interchangeably. They noticed that the switch to Stripe simplified everything they did.

Then they started using Pay Pad thanks to the intuitive interface for Stripe. When Pay Pad was acquired by Control, it was only natural for them to stay with a product they found very useful. They appreciate that card scanning was incorporated, it helps with the everyday interaction with Stripe.

When a client comes in and wants to pay for a project, being able to accept a credit card at that moment is a blessing,” says Yuhas.
Tinypint uses Control two to three times a week through the app. “It decreases the delay that comes from the sending out a bill, and the client feels that the business is taken care of immediately. It is a good start to a project and helps us hit the ground running.

The things they love about Control is that it is simply not intrusive. “It gives us the information we need when we need it.
As an agency it is important that they feel their accounts are secure and, with Control, they know that they are safe.

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