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Square Integration with Control Launch

A growing number of today’s retailers are accepting transactions from multiple payment platforms. It doesn’t matter if you are an eCommerce business with millions in monthly revenue or a small SaaS start-up with six months of runway — one thing is clear.

The new standard for payment methods is omni-channel, paying in-person and digitally.

With this new standard comes a unique challenge and opportunity for transaction analytics companies, like Control. It’s our job to integrate and consolidate data from all your payment sources into a single dashboard. We’re here to save you time and money, and allow you to focus on metrics the matter.

It’s a complex task, but it’s one that Control is well-experienced with. We already have PayPal and Stripe data unified in our dashboard. Today, we’re pleased to announce another update:

The Integration of Square into Control’s Dashboard.

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Square is an innovative payment solution that processed over 1-billion transactions in 2016. A large percentage of Square’s customers are omni-channel, using Square for Point-of-Sale transactions and another channel, like Stripe or PayPal, for eCommerce.

We’re confident that Square will be a great addition to the Control ecosystem, allowing a brand new group of business owners to benefit from the real-time power of Control’s analytics.

Our development team is working hard to integrate all the payment platforms that matter to your business. If you would like to see one of the following payment types integrated next, let us know. Your feedback truly means a lot to us.

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