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Are you struggling to manage multiple payment accounts for your multiple store locations, possibly using more than one payment platform, or just managing dozens of Square accounts? Or are you looking to expand into more than one Square location, but feeling daunted by all the additional management that would require? We’re betting you don’t have the time you’d like to dedicate to staying on top of your accounting and tracking store performance because you’re a busy entrepreneur focused on growing your existing businesses.

With Control, the leading business intelligence solution for Square businesses, you can manage all your Square accounts from one dashboard and gain insight into revenue drivers, cost metrics, and payment performance across multiple (even hundreds or thousands of Square businesses), allowing you to focus on growth and expansion.

No other online payment management system allows you to manage multiple Square accounts at once. Getting setup takes just seconds, as you can get up and running with our mobile app with just a few taps (no engineering required).

To make it even more convenient for our business-owning customers, Control’s mobile app lets you manage all of your accounts at once, from the palm of your hand. Our real-time, payment data aggregation and transaction analytics engine empowers you to manage your sales in real time, no matter where you are:

  • Monitor your KPIs with real-time data
  • Receive instant notifications on important payment events
  • Set up flagging rules for high-risk charges
  • Take action on charges right from your phone

A steady stream of important payment data coming straight to your phone does more than just make good business sense. Feedback from some of our customers is that it actually helps them stay laser-focused on their KPIs and bigger business goals, by seeing daily revenue analytics and MRR growth. Control is:

  • Customizable – generate charts instantly for key metrics like monthly recurring revenue, AOV, CLV, and customer churn
  • Instant – get real-time notifications on all your charge activity, so you won’t miss high-value sales or suspicious activity
  • Customer management friendly – manage and track all of them at once with organized lists and contact information
  • Transfer-friendly – Compare the transaction volume against the actual payout, to help with reconciliation

Control for Square is ideally suited to businesses with multiple locations, marketplace operators, or franchisors. But it works just as well for single location businesses.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business while saving yourself time and the headache of trying to consolidate Square reports, accounting data and information, (a very painstaking process!). Control eliminates this process by aggregating all your data into one dashboard, enabling you to focus on what you do best: growing your business and achieving your goals!