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Get more from your payment data.


We securely mine your payment platforms’ APIs to dynamically capture raw transactional events, such as new charges, new declines, and new customers.


We cut out all the incomplete, inconsistent, and irrelevant details so we can focus on the data that really matter.


We reconcile these complex datasets from different platforms and currencies into one cohesive and common language.


We process these datasets by calculating key metrics and generating valuable insights about customer intelligence, potential fraud, geographical performance, and more.


We transform data into consumable information, empowering business leaders to make better decisions and drive growth.

Giving you the tools you need to grow your business.

Real-Time Analytics
Customer Intelligence
Smart Alerts
Regional Insights
Fraud Detection
Forecasting (coming soon)

Real-Time Analytics

Spot trends and seize opportunities by accessing all the key performance indicators you need to make informed business decisions.
Whether your business is accepting subscription, one-off, or blended revenue, we have the metrics to help you succeed.

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Richard Lazazzera, Founder

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Dainis Purins, CEO & Co-Founder

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Baird Hall, Founder


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